In just one night, you’ll feel it surpassing what you’ve ever imagined.

A new realm where skincare transforms not only the skin but the whole look of your face.
Featuring "double peptides (moisturisers)" that provides skin with firmness,
AQ Meliority is infused with carefully selected ingredients that satisfy all the factors that define beautiful skin.
*Palmitoyl pentapeptide -4. Hydrolyzed collagen

Design that enchants with its form and its shine.

Active ingredients, efficacy, texture, fragrance - every detail is the subject of intense and careful focus.
These products have been engraved in a sparkling gem pattern resonating with the power of the product within.
They convey an image of diverse powers working together, and
of skin that shimmers exquisitely.


list of products
  • Skin Care
  • Base Makeup
  • Accessories