Melts into your skin, making it seem to glow from within.

Skin Fusion - makeup that becomes one with your skin

The skin achieved by DECORTÉ -
skin overflowing with radiance and elegance as if glowing from within.
The debut of makeup base items that project that radiance and elegance.

Aspiring to a natural beauty that exudes qualities of inner beauty such as intelligence and grace.
A comfortable feel that will delight you.
A radiance and transparency brimming with vitality that makes the most of your bare skin,
attracting only light that makes the skin look beautiful.
Brightening the facial features, expressions and even mood of the user,
it achieves a finish that makes bare skin itself look beautiful.

From "wearing" to "fusion."
Finally, introducing a makeup base that transcends the framework of makeup and skincare,
providing a finish that becomes one with your skin.


  • Base Makeup

About the ingredients