Introducing the new
Liposome Advanced Serum

One Trillion
in Every Drop



The future of skin care
Welcome to a new era.


DECORTÉ developed the industry's first liposome serum in 1992.
This long involvement in liposome technology
has brought us closer to the source of beauty.
Now, we're introducing a completely new Liposome Serum.

It enhances beauty from the inside out with a trillion 0.1-microm*1 beautiful skin capsules in single drop*2
which suffuse the many layers of the stratum corneum
and busrt one by one to release hydrating ingredients.

From day one, then day two and three-feel your delight grow
as your skin is revitalized with beauty that will last a lifetime.
The all-new liposome beauty serum. It's time you give it a try.

※1 With a diameter in the 0.1-micron range ※2 Based on a single drop at 0.1 mL(estimate)

1 trillion in 1 drop

Beautiful skin capsules melts into your skin to revitalize beauty.

The secret of multilamellar bio-liposomes (beautiful skin capsules)

Inspired by the idea of a second skin,it is an ingredient virtually identical to human skin structure

These highly-moisturizing 0.1-micron*4
micro-capsules are comprised of biological components called liposomes.
Their onion-like layers are packed full of beautifying ingredients.
This unique structure allows them to directly improve skin's beauty.

※4 With a diameter in the 0.1-micron range.

The five functions of multilamellar bio-liposomesSource TargetingTM Technology

①Barrier effect

Creates a viel of hydration to protect skin from various irritation such as dryness.

②Moisture-retention effect

Preserves and locks in hydration in stratum corneum cells.

③Boosting effect

Has excellent skin affinity, boosting the absorption of products applied afterward.

④Targeting effect

Capsules adhere to dry areas, for a concentrated delivery of hydration
and beautifying ingredients.

⑤Long-lasting effect

The outer layers of capsules burst one by one,
ensuring hydration lasts over many hours.

Specially selected ingredients

HPA yeast culture liquid

fermentation extract

tomentosa fruit extract



Permeable*8 hydrolyzed
hyaluronic acid


NMF complex

Vitamin E

White Birch Sap

*5 Tested for efficacy in reducing fine wrinkles caused by dryness *6 Circulation from moisture *7 Dullness caused by dryness
Yeast culture liquid, bifidobacteria fermentation extract, Rhodomyrtus tomentosa fruit extract, hydroxyprolines, ectoine,
permeable*8 hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, ceramide, NMF complex, vitamin E, white birch sap, glycerin(moisturizer). *8 To the stratum corneum
HPA yeast culture liquid is endomyccs ferment filtrate and hydrolyzed yeast protein; bifidobacteria fermentation extract is bifida ferment lysate;
ceramide is ceramide NG; NMF complex is acetyl gulatamine, sodium PC and serine; vitamin E is tocopherol; white birch sap is Betula platyphylla japonica juice.

Presenting the new Liposome Serum.

A true achievement of biological science,
our beautiful skin capsules, known as multilamellar bio-liposomes,
have a structure near that of human skin,
enabling the perfect fusion.

Awaken a new you, enveloped in a concentrated liposome layer.
Now is the time for a new beginning.

Hypoallergenic formula

Allergy tested



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