Liposome Treatment Liquid

Amazing penetration.
From the moment it's applied,
it exceeds expectations.

Beautiful surprises keep on coming
with Liposome Treatment Liquid.

Penetrating as if skin is drinking it in,it imbues skin with full firmness
and clear translucence throughout. Skin is reborn, soft and irresistible to the touch.
That instantaneous power, in a treatment lotion unlike any before.
Let your skin experience thetransformation.
*Permeates to the stratum corneum

A focus on skin with a weakened stratum corneum

The reality is that some skin responds
better to skin care than others.

The major difference between skin that responds well or poorly is the "internal capacitors" that exist in skin's outer stratum corneum layer.
If capacitor space is small, skin has a lower ability to capture and retain moisture, resulting in lost translucence.

  • Skin with a weakened stratum corneum Internal capacitors are small
  • Healthy skin Internal capacitors are large

The result of 45 years of COSME DECORTE research
with Liposome Treatment Liquid.

This is the first treatment lotion to utilise the mullti-layered liposome technology that we developed over many years of research.
We have created a long-awaited new type of liposome capsule
that results in a highly-absorbant texture and leaves skin feeling soft, with crystal-clear translucence.

These delivery capsules measure just 0.1 microns* in size and feature multiple biomimetic layers.
(Electron microscope photo) *Order (approx.)

Liposome Capsule