Intensive Cream

Compounded with 30 specially selected ingresients including double peptides, as well as Tamba black bean extract, boasting abundant minerals and vitamins. With its melty sensation, all ingredients are instantly absorbed into the stratum corneum, where the


Intensive Cream


  • night

Product features

We blended a total of 30 carefully selected ingredients, including not only double peptides but also nutrient-rich 'Tanba black soybean extract (moisturizer)'.
With a texture that melts beautifully into the skin, every last drop is absorbed into the stratum corneum, where skin rebuilding begins.
Youthful-looking facial features and skin firmness are closer within reach.


Use as the last step in your evening skincare routine. Using the included spatula, take a dollop about the size of a pearl (0.3~0.5g) and apply to skin, then smooth across your entire face.