Make an unforgettably beautiful impression with "fluid glow"
Newly-developed Virturias Powder

People instinctively look at dynamic, shining things,
and as the brain comprehends them it creates a memory.
COSME DECORTE has developed our new Virturias Powder to appear like radiance is alive atop the skin the moment it catches the light.
Wearing this "fluid glow" reflects the inherent charm of each person's unique features,
making it possible to create an impression with makeup so beautiful,
it is unforgettable for those who see it.

Made with Virturias Powder—
A powder that plays with light,
shadow and translucence to create fluid glow.

Brightens parts of the face that catch light,
like the cheeks and forehead.
Creates varied definition
in the face by adding
shading to rounded eyes
and the mouth area.
The ideal luminance achieves
a finish as close to the texture
of bare skin as possible,
yet with greater translucence.

For an unforgettably beautiful impression,
create a "glow gradation" around your bone structure

Gradation of shadow and light, and of colour and radiance,
flowing from the brow and temples to the cheekbones,
then the C-zone to the nose, cheeks, mouth and chin.
Creating this defined "fluid glow" throughout the face
highlights the beauty of bone structure,
whilst boosting skin's translucence to the limit.
Colour tones perfectly harmonised
with skin give it a vivacious and joyful aura
that is full of undeniable fascination.

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