Radiance Repair Foaming Face Wash

A liquid facial cleanser, resembling a thick serum.
Creates a smooth, dense foam that leaves skin clean, soft and supple.


Radiance Repair Foaming Face Wash

200mL  $139

  • night
  • day

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Step 1 Cleansing and washing

Product Features

A quick lathering foaming wash, made possible by the thick liquid base that contains botanical cleansing ingredients and hypoallergenic cleansing ingredients.
The fine and abundant foam melts away dirt and sebum that clogs pores.
Skin feels moist and supple after washing, leaving it clear and even-textured.


• Use every morning and night.
• Wet hands and face with water.
• Dispense 2 pumps onto palm and work into a rich lather. Gently massage over face.
• Rinse off thoroughly with water.