Crystallize White Mask

With this cream mask, skin that is vulnerable to damage from the environment is enveloped in cool comfort and a sensation.
After use, skin looks refreshed, purified and bright.


Crystallize White Mask

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Product Features

Contains Algae Oligosaccharides, combats *aging symptoms such as loss of firmness and dullness. LactobacillusPear Juice Ferment Filtrate softens skin, keeping it smooth and fine-textured.
Refreshes fatigued skin with a pleasantly cool feeling, so skin feels calm and pores are tightened during use.
Mineral powder and mineral clay adhere to impurities caused by sebum. Reveals irresistibly smooth skin that looks and feels as if a layer has been peeled off.
Makeup goes on smoother.
*Anti-Aging refers to age-appropriate skincare.


After preparing skin with emollient, use the attached spatula to take a suitable amount (about the size of three cherries) and place it in your palm. Apply in a layer thick enough to completely cover skin, avoiding the eye and brow area, hairline, and lips.
Leave for 5-10 minutes then massage lightly. Remove most of the mask using the spatula, working from the centre of the face outwards. Wipe away remaining product gently using a tissue, or wash away with water.
Apply lotion.

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