Styling Liquid Eyeliner

  • BK001BK001

Draw on winged eyes or create the perfect eye line thickness you like with complete ease and control. A calligraphy pen-type eyeliner, for creating lustrous, mesmerizing eyes.


Styling Liquid Eyeliner


Product Features

Easy and complete control over line thickness.
A calligraphy pen-type liquid eyeliner that allows you to adjust thickness with ease and maintain complete artistic control over delicate areas.
Just One application for "intense color", both dewy and bold.Made from 3 types of polymers, for luster, adhesivity, and robustness. The powder is made as fine as possible to archive precise color. Glides on smoothly for an elegant, lustrous look.
Quick-drying, smudge-resistant Quickly forms a flexible film while highly water - resistant polymers encapsulate colouring agents.
Maintains a beautiful finish for hours.


With the cap closed, shake bottle gently before use. Remove the cap and press the button on the holder 1-2 times (for about 1 second each time), until the brush is saturated with a suitable amount of liquid. Apply along the lash line.

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