Loose Powder

As light and soft as a feather. This face powder gently wraps around skin, giving it a radiance and natural glow that emanates from within.


Loose Powder


Product Features

Formulated with moisture-boosting water-soluble polymers and other water-based moisturising ingredients.
Gives dry skin a boost of supple moisture. Soft, thick oil shields skin and protects the internal balance of water and oil with long-lasting moisture.
Formulated with seven different oils that blend well into skin and don't leave a sticky residue.
Formulated with moisuturizing ingredients that have a high refractive index, which increases reflection from within the skin and creates a gorgeous glow.


Use as the final step of your base makeup, or for touch-ups when you’re out and about. Add a suitable amount of powder to the puff by pressing it on the mesh 1-2 times. Test on the back of your hand, then apply by lightly sliding across skin. Gently press onto areas prone to creasing or sliding, like around the nose. For touch-ups, first remove sweat and sebum with a tissue or blotting paper. Apply product little-by-little with the puff.

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