Face Powder

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Industry-first "Organic Silk Powder" coated with active beauty ingredients that complements the skin lightly and beautifully.


Face Powder

20g  5 Colors Each  $72

Product Features

Formulated with top-quality organic silk powder. Using COSME DECORTÉ's powder processing technology, silk is pulverized into extremely fine particles and coated with highly moisturizing amino acids.
This gives a superior fit that enhances the skin's appearance and offers protection from dryness.
Creates a "soft-focus" effect, diffusing the appearance of pores for smooth-looking skin. Light and comfortable to wear, melts into the skin for an irresistibly silky texture.


Use as the final step of your base makeup. Place the puff on top and flip the container over to add powder. Test on the back of your hand then apply to skin in light, spiral motions. Replacement puff available (sold separately).

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