Secret Glow

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Exquisite Glow with 3 colors and 3 textures.Produces on-target shading all-around with a professional finish and highlight.


Secret Glow

2 Types  Each $99

How to use: Detailed instructions for Secret Glow

How to use:

The palette is designed to be used either vertically or horizontally, for definition that suit different areas of your face.

When using under the eyes

Hold the brush as shown in the diagram, and move left to right to transfer the appropriate amount of powder.

When using on the T zone and chin

Hold the brush as shown in the diagram, and move up and down to transfer the appropriate amount of powder.

A: Glow Covers dullness with bright shades and a delicate glossiness.
B: Luminous Provides tone and definition with moderate brightness and radiance.
C: Nuance: Provides translucence with a shade that matches your skin tone, and a highly-luminous pearl look.

Gradation brush in 3 different colours, with bristles adjusted for softness. Controls definition and shading in different areas of your face, while feeling amazing against your skin.


Product Features

By using 3 different colors and textures, and by handling the 3-bristle brush with its varying degrees of hardness, elegance and natural glow are produced.
The skin looks brighter and produces a beautiful three-dimensional view when seen from every direction.
It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and produces a smooth and supple complexion.
The gradation brush is made with 3 types of bristles with 3 different degrees of hardness and in different colors.

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