Elegant Glow Powder Foundation

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Highly-blendable texture creates a thin veil-like membrane that is supple and adheres seamlessly to the skin. An exquisite powder foundation with a natural pearl glow that instantly covers troubled spots.


Elegant Glow Powder Foundation

7 Colors Each  $130

Product Features

Brilliance Layer Powder and Contrast Glow Powder softly cover imperfections while giving skin a natural glow that seemingly emanates from within.
Blends moist and smooth with a light touch.
Brilliance Layer Powder is made with sheet-like powder particles that glide on easily, for application that is thin and light.
Sheet-like powder particles are made with amino acids, giving them high affinity with skin for a velvety smooth application.
A blend essential oils creates a calming fresh floral musk fragrance.


Use after preparing your skin with AQMW Conditioning Base or AQMW Conditioning Oil Base.
Use a dry sponge or a wet sponge that has been wrung firmly to spread a suitable amount of foundation evenly across skin.
For touch-ups, first remove sweat and sebum with a tissue or blotting paper. Apply product little-by-little with the sponge to seamlessly revive your beautiful base makeup.

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