Conditioning Base

Builds brighter tone, with the mild touch of a beauty essence.
A makeup base that covers dullness, blotchiness and pores while brightening skin by a shade.


Conditioning Base

30mL  $100

Product Features

Formulated with a highly-permeable oil base that softness skin while moisturising.
Formulated with two types of water-soluble polymers for a moist, fresh-feeling application.
Phospholipid-base emulsion spreads across skin with a velvety feel.
Processing the powder as phospholipids helps it blend creamily onto skin and into every contour.Formulated with Contrast Glow Powder for a subtle. radiant glow.


Use after preparing your skin with lotion. Using your fingertip, take a dollop about the size of a pearl and apply to the chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. Spread across the entire face, blending it thoroughly into skin. Follow by applying foundation.

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