Lasting Base UV

Lightweight and silky to the touch, Lasting Base UV prevents makeup smudging, and dark spots caused by sun damage.

This long-lasting makeup base covers dullness, discolouration and pores while evening out and brightening skin tone.


Lasting Base UV

30mL  $100

Product Features

A makeup base that detects and captures sweat and sebum, keeping the surface of your skin feeling refreshed and preventing makeup deterioration. It also provides lustre and translucency from hydration welling up from within.
Lightweight and silky to the touch, it melts into the skin.
Evens out and brightens skin tone by covering dullness, discolouration and pores, giving your foundation a beautiful finish, and making it last even longer.
Protects the skin from UV rays during the day, preventing blemishes and freckles caused by sun damage.
It has a stratum corneum conditioning effect, meaning it hydrates the skin.
Contains Contrast Glow Powder to give a sense of lustre bursting out from within. Contains natural essential oils for a fresh floral musky fragrance to relax the soul.
Can be used in any season.


Use after preparing your skin with lotion.
Shake well with the cap on before use to mix the two layers.
Take a suitable amount into your palm and apply to your entire face starting with wide areas like the cheeks and forehead. Blend well.
Follow by applying foundation.

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