Glowing Concealer

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A concealer that controls light to diffuse dullness and darkness,creating the appearance of glowing, refined skin.


Glowing Concealer

4g  2 Colors  Each $75

Product Features

Formulated with silicon powder, which achieves a light, superior fit that offers coverage for dullness and dark circles.
Formulated with a silicon-based filming agent, which maintains the brightness and clarity of makeup into the evening, when conventional makeup often becomes dull.
Can also be used to add highlights to the T-zone, cheekbones and other prominent parts of the face to bring three-dimensionality and glow to the finish.
Comes with a spherical flocked applicator that feels soft on the skin and makes applying the correct amount easier.
Helps dryness-prone eye and mouth areas stay moisturized.
Features a relaxing fragrance formulated with natural essential oils.


Use before applying powder foundation, or after applying liquid or cream foundation. Using the included applicator tip, dot a suitable amount on trouble spots or areas where a highlight effect is desired (T-zone, around the eyes, cheek bones, chin). Blur and blend by using the tips of your fingers to lightly tap the area. * For wider areas like the cheekbones, use 3-4 dots. For smaller areas like around the nose or the chin, use 1-2 dots. * Product is easily spreadable. Avoid applying too much.

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