Crystal Liquid

A wipe-off serum that leaves skin smooth,
supple and full of crystalline radiance.


Crystal Liquid

150mL  $117

  • night
  • day

Product Features

Contains the gentle Keratin Control Factor (KCF) for gentle, AHA-free exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and condition the skin's surface.
Mucin Net, a net-like combination of polymers and mucin helps to lock moisture within the stratum corneum, imparting dewiness and translucency to the skin.
Double peptides encourage the production of collagen for plump, firm skin.
A gentle formula without harsh acids (AHAs) commonly used in chemical peels.
Fresh, calming fragrance made from natural essential oils.


Use on clean skin after washing.
Add two pumps of product to a cotton pad and gently wipe skin.

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