Lating Gel Eyeliner

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Ultrafine gel eyeliner with an amazing smooth touch.Long-lasting color intensity.Robust tip for easy tightlining, curving and other precision works.


Lating Gel Eyeliner

Total 6 Colors  Each $55

Product Features

One of the finest eyeliners in the market with only a thin core width of 2mm. The lead is robust and versatile enough to perform a full range precision work, including tight lining and drawing wings. It is easy to draw on and last as it has a creamy texture.
Waterproof with lasting color payoff. The glossy rich shades complement the pupils for added allure.
Transform the appearance of your eyes to suit the occasion or your mood. Create a different look with the drawing of inner eyeline retractable lead. Refills available (cartridge type).


For first use, twist the container until about 2mm of product extends from the tube. Apply along the lash line. Use the sponge tip on the back of the holder to blur for a more natural finish.

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