Facial Mask Duo

For increased brightness around the eyes.
A renewed sense of firmness in the facial contours.
This mask features two sheets formulated with solutions containing different ingredients.


Facial Mask Duo

Pack of 6 sheets  $153

  • night

Product Features

Upper mask: Poria cocs extract (moisturizer) and other ingredients give the eye area, which is prone to signs of ageing, a brighter and younger-looking appearance.
Lower mask: Delivers moisture to the 'laugh lines' and cheeks where fine lines and pores tend to develop.
It relaxes your skin but gives you a firmer and younger-looking face.


After preparing skin with emulsion, apply the lower mask, then the upper mask.
Remove the lower mask from the sachet and align it with your mouth, then your nose. Finally seal the mask to your jawline tightly, lifting it upwards.
Now remove the upper mask from the sachet and align it with your eyes. Apply from the forehead and seal it to skin tightly.
After 10 minutes, remove mask and blend any remaining liquid into skin well.

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