Elegant Mascara

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Film-formula mascara for unrivalled length and curl definition,delivered with a screw brush that captures every single eyelash.


Elegant Mascara

3 Colors  Each $51

Product Features

Formulated with "Fit-Up Polymer", which catches and cleanly separates even short and fine lashes from the roots, creating a sleek and clump-free finish.
Formulated with resilient fibers for extra length and well-defined, long-lasting curls for attention-grabbing eyes.
Excellent staying power that withstands perspiration and sebum without smudging.


Apply an appropriate amount by moving the brush along your lashes from the base to the tips. To remove, first massage with warm water, then rinse whilst gently grasping lashes between your fingertips. [Curling technique] Place the brush at the base of lashes and lift, holding the lifted position for several seconds. Continuing to apply up towards the tips will give lashes a greater curl.

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