Lash Revolution

Skincare for eyelashes
The ""4D"" eyelash serum


Lash Revolution

4.5mL  $88

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Product Features

Revolutionary eyelash serum that imparts strength and luster to lashes for vibrant eyes. Provides nutrients to roots of eyelashes to support the growth and renewal cycle of eye lashes.
Formulated with the newly developed moisturizing ingredient Grow Lash Morus Alba Roots Extract*, the serum imparts strength, shine and tips.
Formulated with Stemrise iPG-e**, an ingredient borne out of research into epidermal firmness, which plumps and conditions the eyelash area to further promote the healthy growth of eyelashes.
*Grow Lash Morus Alba Roots Extract [Morus Alba Root Extract, Eribotrya Japonica Leaf Extract, Paconia Albiflora Root Extraxt, Argine and Butylene Glycol].
**Stemrise iPG-e [Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Clove (Eugenia Caryophyllus) Flower Extract, Acorrus Calamus Root Extract, Glycerin]


・Use morning and night after cleansing skin.
・ Apply on the lashes and along the lash line.
(Ensure product has completely dried before applying eye makeup.)
* We recommend using daily to keep lashes healthy and beautiful.
* Avoid contact with eyes. If some product accidentally enters your eye, wash out immediately.

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