Neck Renew Cream

Neck cream to give you skin that looks toned, supple and ageless as if wrapped in a luxurious, hydrating veil.


Neck Renew Cream

50g  $115

  • night

Product Features

This neck cream will make your skin look beautiful, ageless, plump and full of volume, as it envelopes your neck in a veil of pure hydration for full support.
Skin tone is supported by moisturising ingredient Stem Rise iPG-N (Stem Rsie iPG* and geranium robertianum extract).
The skin on your neck is prone to thinning, but this product will make your skin look lifted, while at the same time making it supple.
It’s rich and luxurious to the touch, and spreads on smoothly, moisturising your neck where change appears so easily, and preventing hydration from evaporating, brightening your look.
Contains natural essential oils and sandalwood for a fragrance to unwind you.
*Stem Rise iPG is zizyphus jujuba fruit extract, acorus calamus root extract and glycerin.


Use at night on clean skin.
Using your fingertip, take a dollop about the size of a large pearl and apply to the base of your neck. Use your palms to massage it in to skin.
(Can also be used in the morning, depending on the condition of your skin.)

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