Pencil Eyebrow

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Smooth and light to the touch,
it adheres naturally to your eyebrows. For fine lines right to the outer edge of your brows. A light, silky push-up type eyebrow pencil.


Pencil Eyebrow

4 Colors  Each $45

Product Features

Fine core allows hairs to be coloured one by one. This product feels silky smooth to apply, with a light colouring effect. It’s resistant to smudging, for a long-lasting, beautiful finish.
Comes with a high quality spiral brush that’s gentle on the skin and easy to blur.


Extend about 2mm of product from the holder, then apply by drawing brow hairs one-by-one. Blur using the spiral brush on the back of the holder to obtain a more natural finish. Refill cartridge available (sold separately).

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