Elegant Glow Liquid Foundation

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Thick and rich, but with a fresh feel when applied. Liquid foundation that is full of moisture and natural pearl glow. For smooth coverage of troubled spots.


Elegant Glow Liquid Foundation

30mL  7 Colors  Each $175

Product Features

Brilliance Layer Powder and Contrast Glow Powder softly cover imperfections while giving skin a natural glow that seemingly emanates from within. An additional blend of three different oils creates a beautiful glow only possible with a liquid foundation.
Less powder than normal foundation for the perfect balance of powder and oil. For foundation that is lighter and more velvety than ever before.
Formulated with four types of moisturising ingredients to keep skin feeling full of moisture for longer. Skin feels nourished, as if it's been freshly moisturised.
A blend of essential oils create a calming fresh floral musk fragrance.


Use after preparing your skin with AQMW Conditioning Base or AQMW Conditioning Oil Base. Using your fingertips, spread a suitable amount onto skin starting from wider areas like the cheeks and forehead.

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