Eye Glow Gem

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Twinkle and GlowCreamy Marshmallow-soft Eyeshadow


Eye Glow Gem

10 Colors  Each $35

Product Features

Achieve a glossy 3D look and long-lasting effect with the new DECORTÉ AQ MW Eye Glow Gem, a one-touch eye color in the most luminous stylish shades ever.
With just one color, eyes get the sparkle of a gem and an alluring gaze. AQ MW Eye Glow Gem features a new unique hybrid texture that is soft and creamy like “melted marshmallow”, and is neither gel-type (water-based), cream-type (oil-based) nor powder-type (dry).
It is highly translucent and goes on smooth just by using your fingertips. It blends well with any skin tone, creating a glossy 3D “wet” effect that is highly trendy.
Because of its high adhesion to skin, there’s no need to worry about smudges or creases – AQ MW Eye Glow Gem stays on all day so eyes look fresh and luminous from AM to PM.
Build to create greater intensity with just one shade by layering on for high 3-D definition; or blend with additional shades for stunning new looks. This way, eyes look luminous from every angle: Never dull, always glamorous.


Take a suitable amount onto your fingertip by lightly brushing the surface. Blur by sliding upward from the lash line towards the top of the eyelid. * *Replace cap firmly after use to prevent product from drying out.

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