Facial Wash White

A whitening cream-based wash that removes impurities that causes dullness and roughness.


Facial Wash White

125g  $59

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Product Features

A cream-based face wash that thoroughly removes accumulated impurities to reveal clear, bright skin underneath.
Creates fine, dense lather that effectively removes dirt and sebum that contributes to skin dullness and roughness.
Completely cleanses the skin surface to enhance absorption of subsequent skin care products applied.
Contains mild amino acid cleansing ingredients that prevent loss of moisture from skin.
Floral-fresh herbal fragrance accented with notes of bergamot and muguet.


First, wet your hands and face with cold or lukewarm water.
Put about 3cm of product into your palm and add a small amount of water, then build up a lather. Wash by gently massaging skin.
Rinse thoroughly.

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