Gua Sha Plate

Inspired by Ancient Eastern practices, the Decorté Gua Sha Plate is made from porcelain and features an easy-to-grip, boot-like shape. Each part of the plate is made to fit effortlessly within the curves of the face.


Gua Sha Plate


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The massage tool can be applied with specific pressure techniques which are designed to eliminate dullness, promote skin metabolism and boost collagen levels. It is most effective for specific skin concerns, relieving tension in facial muscles, enhancing blood circulation and eliminating swelling thus achieving radiant skin.

Carefully created by hand, the Decorté Gua Sha Plate is fired in an oven in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, known for its long history in pottery. Its firmness, strength, and smoothness make it an exceptional tool to be used with skincare.

Gua Sha is based on “Gua Sha Therapy”, comprised of two characters, the first which means “to file away”, and the second which means “stagnant blood”. A traditional remedy that has been used in China for approximately 2,500 years as a natural therapy effective in improving blood circulation.

Recommended use with the following products:


Moisture Liposome Serum + Gua Sha Plate

Moisture Liposome Serum has been Japan’s no.1 selling serum for almost 30 years. A super moisturising essence that treats rough skin caused by dryness. The liposome’s Biomimetic-inspired multi-layered structure provides long-lasting hydration by releasing encapsulated moisturising agents to the skin. This serum includes active ingredients such as Bio Hyaluronic Acid (moisturiser), Herb Complex 5 (cell activator), Tocopherol (antioxidant) and Ultraviolet Inhibitor (ultraviolet ray protector).


AQ Botanical Oil + Gua Sha Plate

Infused with organic olives and other pure plant-based ingredients, the Decorté oil is a lightweight serum providing ultimate moisture with every drop. Perfect for achieving a deep treatment that’s packed with hydrating properties.


After cleansing, add a generous amount of serum, oil or emulsion into your palms and carefully work into face, neck and décolletage. When applying pressure with the Gua Sha plate, limit it to approximately 3-4 seconds per area of the face. Always touch and examine the entire plate before use to ensure that there are no chips or bumps.

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