Phytotune Oil Shaker (Dual Phase Refining Oil)

A double-layered botanical oil that balances the skin,
filling it with hydration, luster and clarity.


Phytotune Oil Shaker (Dual Phase Refining Oil)

48mL  $68

  • night

Product Features

• Using carefully-selected plants, this double-layered beauty oil cares for skin problems such as lack of moisture, noticeable pores,
and a lack of clarity while tuning skin to a balanced and ideal state.
• Despite being an oil, it has a fresh and dewy texture. It penetrates easily and deeply into the stratum corneum, hydrating and
refining it.
• It consists of an oil layer that gently softens hardened skin, and an essence layer that fills the skin with fresh moisture.
• With the effects of oil and essence, it improves, all at once, the oil-water balance that tends to get disrupted.
• It hydrates the skin to make it soft and plump, and tightens the skin in areas with pores that stand out, such as the wings of the nose
and cheeks.
• It provides suppleness to the area around the pores that tends to slacken with age, and conditions the texture to make it
• Contains essential oils (perfume). It features a fresh and clear herbal floral fragrance which is based on a faintly sweet and gentle
fresh floral scent, with a touch of herbal spices.
• Allergy tested.
• Paraben-free.


It comes in two layers, so shake well before use.
After applying skin lotion at night, take about three drops of the product
into your palm, and blend it into your skin.

Beauty Tips

When roughness and unevenness around the pores bother you
After washing your face, soak cotton generously with the product, and blend into the skin as if wiping it.

When your skin becomes unbalanced during changing of seasons
After soaking cotton with skin lotion, enough to seep to the back side of cotton
(about the size that is slightly bigger than a 50cent coin), drip about two drops (approximately 0.12 mL),
mix on top of cotton, then pat it on your skin and blend well.
* Phytotune Hydro Tuner was used as the skin lotion.

When conspicuous pores, dryness, rough skin and dullness bother you
After washing your face, shake the content well, take about seven drops onto your palm, and spread
it all over your face. Massage lightly, then press with tissue paper.

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