Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream

Thirty kinds of carefully-selected beauty ingredients
and biosimilar components were combined in high concentrations*.
An ultimate hyper-performance cream that changes your facial features and even your mind to take on a more youthful image.


Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream

45g  ฿ 42,000
*Comparison with other DECORTÉ items.

  • night

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Step 4 Moisturizing

Product Features

Generously delivering richly-blended beauty ingredients to your skin. We adopted three different kinds of Delivery Capsules.
Using capsules with components such as phospholipid similar to skin components, we created a texture that delivers the feeling of the ingredients melting into the skin together.
The beauty ingredients encased inside a capsule penetrate deep into the stratum corneum and exhaustively delivers all the components that the skin intuitively seeks.
With the passage of time, the texture of the cream - smooth, rich and soft - becomes one with the skin, and changes into a protective layer. The thin veil wraps the skin, seals in beauty ingredients, and provides overflowing suppleness and luster from inside the skin*.
The softness and springiness you feel in your skin the following morning will surely move you.
*Stratum corneum


• Use as the final step in your night skin care routine.
• Take an appropriate amount on the spatula, dot onto chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. Spread evenly over face.