CosmeDecorte Multi Protection Sun Shelter

Anti-aging protector that defends against environmental stress as well as UV rays.


CosmeDecorte Multi Protection Sun Shelter

35g  ฿ 1,100

  • day

Product Features

Thorough protection against UV-A and B rays. This nest-generation sunscreen emulsion defends against dryness, pollution and other environmental stress.
Maintains the same popular fresh and lightweight consistency, but with boosted anti-ageing effects that blocks other causes of ageing in addition to UV rays.
Shuts down not only UV rays, but also air pollution particles like NOx and PM2.5.
Newly-formulated rosemary leaf extract protects skin against UV damege.
Newly-formulated rosemary leaf water maintains fresh and toned bare skin.
Limited-edition 60g size for neck and body application throughout the year.


Use as the final step of your morning skin care routine, or before applying your makeup base. (Can also be used on the neck and wrists.)
Apply generously and evenly to skin. Using too little may not achieve sufficient effects.
* To remove, build up a lather with a facial or body soap and wash thoroughly.

Reapply regularly in order to maintain sun protection effects. Reapply after you have towelled or wiped your skin.

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