High performance beauty serum that instantoky lifts skin tone and gives it a brilliant luster, targeting areas that are easily affected by the signs of aging*.*Deterioration in skin tone, luster, and hydration.



20g  ฿ 3,500

  • night
  • day

How to use: How to use effectively

How to use:

Use to target concerning areas.

How to use effectively:
Draw on in circles with your fingertips while lifting up your skin with the other hand, then finish by lightly patting in.


  • Use about the size of a grain of rice for each eye.
  • When using underneath the eye, work from the inner to the outer corner. On the outer corner of the eye, apply in an upward motion while lightly lifting the temple.


  • Use about the size of a grain of rice for each half of the mouth.
  • Apply in an upward motion while lightly lifting up your cheek toward your cheek bone.


  • Use about the size of 2 grains of rice.
  • Apply while lifting the forehead upward.

Between the eyebrows

  • Use about the size of 1 grain of rice.
  • Use your middle and pointer fingers to separate your brows, and apply in an upward motion.


Product Features

A high performance beauty serum that changes the future of your skin by controlling aging effects borne by past habits and environment, creating firmer, more youthful-looking skin. Uses the newly developed unique composite ingredient iP-Solution*2 to work on key areas liek around the eyes and the mouth. Addressind deterioration in skin tone, luster and hydration- target areas that easily show the signs of aging, by instantly lifting, firming and illuminating skin to give a brighter tone, and more brilliant luster. Prevents dry skin, hides fine wrinkles. Adheres tightly during application, stays in targeted areas, and works smoothly into your skin. From the moment it touches your skin, you'll experience its first effects: a lifting sensation, with a slight tension in your skin, as if skin is being pushed up from inside. A definite sensation can be felt with every use, as your skin developes a brighter look, enveloped in a vibrant, buoyant shine. Allergy tested (Product's effects may still vary according to eac


Use morning and night after preparing your skin with lotion. Apply an appropriate amount to desired areas, such as around the eyes and mouth. (Use slightly less if applying makeup.)

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