Brightening Care

Brightening Care Item Concept

A new hope, for a pure complexion.

Even toned, fine-textured and hydrated skin with no trace of dullness
Brightening and anti-aging skin care its finest.

Based on the result of many years of molecular biology research, DECORTÉ presents an effective solution in the from of a brand-new brightening skincare line, Cellgenie White.

Beautiful skin cannot be attained with whiteness alone. Even-toned, fine-textured and hydrated - in its search for skin beauty, DECORTÉ Cellgenie White defined these qualities as key to achieving clear, radiant skin.

By controlling the factors that have a negative effect on the complexion, Cellgenie White brightness to skin that is able to repel UV and other environmental damage.

The power of two different plants, Alnus Firma and Inula Britannica work in
tandem, resulting in a dual - mechanism effect that ultimately leads to radiance.

The Power of Illuminate
AI Complex

Alnus Firma Extract has a strong astringent property used for the treatment of burns and cold-related injuries and a potent antioxidant capable of protecting cells from UV damage.

Inula Britannica Extract has strong antioxidant properties and also has the ability to suppress melanin production.

Two mechanisms that promote a chain reaction leading to radiance

Firstly, the ingredients act on the skin, even before the melanin production switch is turned on. As a result, skin stays impeccably clear and radiant, unaffected by UV radiation and external stresses.

Next, the active ingredients are precisely delivered to targeted sites within the deeper layers of the stratum corneum.