Three-Dimensional Lifting and Firming.
Rebuild the Foundation of Your Beauty.


What If You Could Rebuild Your Beauty?
As we age, our skin’s elasticity decreases causing facial features to appear slack. Other factors such as constantly looking down at the phone, stress, high sodium and alcohol intake, and smoking add on to the problem. This results in what used to be prominent facial lines with a clear, three-dimensional impression from every angle to become less apparent.

But what if you could recreate the prominent facial lines that help skin look youthful?
The answer lies in DECORTÉ’s Lift Dimension, an innovative anti-ageing approach to enhance elasticity, filling out the skin smoothly from within to rebuild your beauty with sharply defined and tight facial lines from the chin to the cheeks and the eyes.

Thanks to our three-dimensional visualisation of what’s inside the skin, we discovered that in ageing skin, the three-dimensional structure of the dermis that supports firmness and elasticity is broken.

Young skin (30s)
Aged skin (70s)

Green (in the dermis): elastin fibersOrange: Cell nucleus

In young skin, elastin fibers form a three-dimensional structure that thoroughly supports firmness and elasticity, but in aged skin, the three-dimensional structure of the dermis collapses and flattens, resulting in

loss of firmness and elasticity.

The key to youthful skin is the beauty of the three-dimensional structure.
Elastin fibers play an important role in the elasticity of the skin, and it is thought that wrinkles and sagging occur when elastin fibers are degenerated by aging and ultraviolet rays.

Rebuild Your Skin’s Three-Dimensional Structure With Lift Dimension’s Beautifying Ingredient: Glucosyl Naringin
To boost the production of elastin fibres and function of fibroblasts to support skin’s three-dimensional structure of the dermis.
* DECORTÉ is the first to incorporate Naringin (contained in citrus peel with a strong antioxidant effect) in skincare by modifying it through a process known as glycosylation. Among cosmetics on sale (from data provided by Mintel Group Ltd., June 2020, according to our research)

Rich elasticity that fills your skin

< Rose Fruit Extract >
Extracted from the Rosa Multiflora (multiflora rose) which contains polyphenols.

< Panax Ginseng Root Extract >
It is called Ginseng in Japan. As a noble herb, it is one of the most valued ingredients in traditional Eastern medicine.

Achieve a lively radiant firmness

< Collagen Tripeptide >
A collagen derivative that keeps the skin firm and tight.
It retains fresh moisture within the skin.

Protecting firmness

< Charles de Mills Rose Extract >
It is one of the varieties of Rosa Gallica (or French Rose) that has been used for beauty purposes since ancient times and has been loved and passed down as a traditional plant for herbal use. The shape of the petals is elegant, giving off a rich fragrance.

Carefully cultivated in a rich and fertile soil, pesticide-free rose garden near Mt. Aso.