Repair Foaming Wash

A beauty serum-inspired liquid cleanser containing double peptides to gently cleanse while improving your stratum corneum. Dissolves dirt and sebum built up in your pores. Protects skin's moisture for suppleness and translucency.


Repair Foaming Wash


  • night
  • day

Product features

Compounded with Double Peptides (moisturizer) that improve the skin's healing ability, it removes impurities while retaining the skin's moisture and conditioning the skin to have resilience, elasticity and clarity.
A mild cleanser that contains a good balance of gentle cleansing ingredients, meaning it is also suitable for those who have delicate or sensitive skin.


Use morning and night. First, wet your hands and face with cold or lukewarm water. Add 2-3 pumps of product into your palm, wet with cold or lukewarm water, and build up a lather to gently wash your face. Rinse thoroughly.

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