Facial Wash

Thoroughly remove impurities that cause dullness and roughness, leaving skin supple and resilient.

DECORTÉ  Cellgenie

Facial Wash


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Product Features

For aged skin exposed to daily environmental aggressors. A cream facial cleanser that brings out the softness in your skin. Leaves your skin feeling supple and elastic.
Contains mild amino acid-based cleansing ingredients that prevent loss of hydration, as well as bio-mimetic ingredients and phospholipids, which have a high level of affinity with the skin. Leaves skin feeling translucent and smooth after cleansing.
Quickly forms a fine, dense lather just like a foam mask. The dense lather completely removes dullness-causing, brittleness-causing sebum from the skin’s surface without rubbing, leaving your skin supple.
Removing dirt such as unnecessary sebum increases the penetrative power of subsequently applied cosmetics. Improves texture with every wash, making your skin more and more beautiful.
Has a refreshing herbal fragrance, which combines fresh translucent floral aromas like peony and wisteria, and herbal aromas to induce a feeling of effectiveness.


First, wet your hands and face with cold or lukewarm water. Put about 2cm of product into your palm and add a small amount of water, then build up a lather. Wash by gently massaging skin. Rinse thoroughly.

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