Cleansing Oil

Removes makeup and oxidized sebum to achieve refined clariity. With continued use, skin is smooth, clear and radiant.

DECORTÉ  Cellgenie

Cleansing Oil


  • night

Product Features

For skin exposed daily to environmental aggressors.
Cleansing oil rich in powerful emollient oils, to draw out translucence.
Washes away makeup quickly, to leave skin smooth, even when its prone to brittleness.
Contains Illuminate AI Complex, a compound of alnus firma extract (moisturiser) long used in Japan, and inula britannica extract, popular in China, to give your skin with a beautiful complexion, keeping your stratum corneum in its ideal condition.
Completely removes makeup and even high-performance sun protection.
From the moment it touches your skin, its mild sensation will calm your soul, cleansing pleasantly.
Floral-fresh herbal fragrance to evoke translucence and crisp efficacy, accented with refreshing notes of bergamot and muguet.


Add 2-3 pumps of product into dry hands and blend thoroughly with foundation and other makeup. Rinse away with cold or lukewarm water.

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