Clear Powder Wash

The world's first facewash with carbonic acid and enzymes for pure, luminous skin.

DECORTÉ  Phytotune

Clear Powder Wash


  • night
  • day

Product Features

・Targets blackheads, dullness, roughness and abvious pores
・Contains Carbonic Acid Foam to lift dirt from the pores, enzymes to remove buildup of dead skin cells that stick to the skin, and skin-caring plant extracts like soapberry extract for better cell turnover
・Its unique container is designed to dispense a fixed amount when turned completely upside down
・Comes with a three-layer forming net to prevent the powder from spilling and to create plenty of form


Wet your face and the forming net. Put your fingers through the cord of the forming net and turn the container upside down to dispense the cleansing powder.
Add a small amount of warm water and lather till foamy.
Remove foam from the net and cleanse face. Rinse thoroughly. Do not scrub face directly with the net.

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