Breaking down barriers
with beauty science

When DECORTÉ was founded in 1970, cosmetics were solely focused on treating skin irritation. Our brand however focused on advanced concepts such as skin regeneration and proactive skincare, making us an industry pioneer. We continue to lead this way, advancing the development of anti-ageing technology which is now a fundamental concept in the industry.

Our skincare products use special proprietary delivery systems to maximise the effectiveness of active ingredients. One of these is a step-based application method developed through dermatological research – using emulsion to increase the suppleness of the stratum corneum before applying lotion allows lotion to penetrate more effectively.

In addition, we have developed delivery capsules tailored to the characteristics of each product to ensure the effective delivery of active ingredients. We continue to develop a range of advanced proprietary technologies and have succeeded in overcoming the challenges associated with the creation of phospholipid capsules. In recent years, we have been working to develop cutting-edge cosmetics based on the concept of Regenerative Treatment, beauty treatment that transcends the realm of conventional cosmetics.


Senses awoken
by sensibility technology

From skincare to base and colour makeup, DECORTÉ products incorporate phospholipids and other biometric ingredients that perform the same functions as the components that make up the skin. These ingredients enable skincare products to better penetrate and meld with the skin, and give makeup a fit that feels one with the skin for a beautiful, smooth finish. Fragrances are also specially selected to increase relaxation and turn skincare and makeup routines into a time to pamper yourself.

Cosmetics should go beyond the clinical approach of medicine that focuses solely on the end result. We continue to pursue the essence of luxury cosmetics, placing value on the experience of using our products as expressed through the concept of senses. We value the awe of using something for the first time, the blissful combination of comfort, joy and being enveloped in a wonderful fragrance, and the incredible firmness, hydration and translucence of the skin when morning comes. Feeling uplifted every day with every use, as a genuine sense of satisfaction that resonates with your senses and appeals to the brain’s emotional centre is felt in both skin and soul – this is the essence of true luxury cosmetics that are used and loved over many years. The sensory quality that we so carefully create is experienced in skin and in soul, and it’s this sensitivity that is carefully shared from person to person, and will always be carefully protected by the brand.


Unparalleled moisture

Multi-layered liposome capsules

Although liposome technology had been gaining prominence in many areas, its stable incorporation into cosmetics proved to be extremely challenging. In 1992, DECORTÉ introduced Moisture Liposome, the first serum in Japan to go by the name of liposome. We succeeded in making use of multi-layered liposome technology after eight years of research, making serum with a long-lasting moisturising effect a reality. DECORTÉ remains the only company to achieve the continuous sale of cosmetics with liposomal claims since the 1992 launch until present.

Multi-layered liposomes are ultra-fine capsules comprising several beautifully stacked layers. Moisture and active ingredients are contained between these layers, allowing for deep penetration into the stratum corneum before they are released in a slow, sustained fashion starting from the outer layers. However, multi-layered liposomes are fragile, and it took time to create a formulation that would maintain their structure for use in cosmetics. By shifting from moisture-providing ingredients to moisture-providing methods, we established the importance of delivering the necessary ingredients to the areas where they are needed most.

When Moisture Liposome appeared on store shelves in 1992, the fact that it was an oil-, alcohol- and surfactant-free moisturising serum, had a smooth texture, and could be used immediately after washing the face set it apart as a new type of product. Over the course of years, thanks to testimonials from many satisfied customers who experienced its high moisturising effects, the number of users continues to grow and the product has become a perennial bestseller synonymous with DECORTÉ. We continued to pursue new possibilities with the introduction of a cream in 2002, an eye cream in 2011, a lotion – which is more challenging to stabilise than a serum – in 2015, and facial sheet masks in 2020.

Structural electron microscope image of a multi-layered liposome (diameter: 1/10,000mm)


Design to lift your spirits,
just by being there

DECORTÉ is committed to constantly use the most cutting-edge technology and principles with the best materials while continuing to share our philosophy and traditions. Our packaging design convey an aesthetic appeal and value befitting of our unwavering dedication to the very highest quality. We seek to brighten lives through cosmetics, and while we constantly incorporate new elements to evoke surprise and delight, we’re not outlandish. To reflect this, our packaging is elegant, refined and beautiful.

A creative who conveys delicate, complex concepts through a combination of design, materials and form, Marcel Wanders is a world-renowned product and interior designer based in Amsterdam and has been DECORTÉ’s Art Director since 2010. He creates an elegant blend of the fashionable and the classical that immediately captivates the beholder by appealing to their sensuality, conveying the sense of luxury and the instinctual pleasure experienced by skin and soul. His creativity allows him to continue to innovate in anticipation of changing times while maintaining an unwavering sense of history and tradition, the essence of creating DECORTÉ products. This sense of artistry has been applied to the packaging of the state-of-the-art AQ MELIORITY line and the interior design of Maison DECORTÉ, our first flagship store.

Marcel Wanders
Marcel Wanders was born in the Netherlands in 1963. He has produced designs for private clients and world-leading brands such as Alessi, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Swarovski and Puma. On a mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true,” his adventurous and humorous designs uplift, entertain and inspire the beholder.


The DECORTÉ motif

The motif that adorns the walls of DECORTÉ counters features hexagonal shapes with flower-like symbols that represent beauty as a badge of honour. Seeming to continue on to infinity, the design also resembles the texture of the skin. This is a fusion of the ideal skin in DECORTÉ’s pursuit of beauty and an iconic motif of art director Marcel Wanders. As the viewer moves around the room, the shadows created by the texture shift and convey a range of expressions. This reflects a sense of life through the constant cycle of rebirth that skin undergoes while the blooming flowers connect with the never-ending path that leads to true beauty.


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