Line Concept

Re-tune Your Skin Balance

Skin imbalance is something that affects all woman.
Our natural ageing process exacerbates this problem
as it causes a decrease in sebum
and ceramide, speeding up the decline of skin's function.

To bring balance back to your skin, DECORTE has developed a
new ultra-light skincare formulated with ingredients safe and gentle even on
sensitive skin - DECORTE PHYTOTUNE.

Its main action - to tune skin's balance
from the core until it reaches its ideal level.
Additionally, PHYTOTUNE thoroughly cares for existing skin issues,
repairing as it rebalances skin to its optimal condition.

Containing natural plant ingredients with high skin affinity,
PHYTOTUNE is formulated to reduce inflammation and irritation.
Skin is imbued with the vitality of plants, bringing back
superb moisture, refined and smooth skin texture
with exceptional transluency.

Every day, balances is restored. The effect of this perfect
balance shows on your now well-hydrated skin with refined
pores and clarity, looking younger and radiant day after day.
*Due to things like dryness or poor texture

Three specially selected herbs are incorporated into PHYTOTUNE’s formula
to enhance metabolism, improve circulation and promote purification.
Rose Hip Oil
Contains large amounts of essential fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid to boost skin’s power for renewal.
Rosemary Extract
An invigorating antioxidant that provides skin with anti-ageing effects and blood-circulation boosting benefits.
Perilla Leaf Extract
A Japanese herb known for its anti-inflammatory and purification effect. Contains the antioxidant carotence. Helps cleanse skin.
Helps deliver active ingredients while restoring skin’s barrier function.
Ingredients with structural or functional similarities to substances found in the body to enhance PHYTOTUNE’s gentleness and skin affinity.
A freshing fragrance of delicate sweet rose, sweet pea, lavender and herbal notes delivers stress-relieving aromatherapeutic benefits each time you use PHYTOTUNE, bringing you a sense of calmness.
Paraben free, anti-irritation. Ideal for sensitive skin.
Perfecting skin’s balance for skin with minimised pores, superb moisture and translucency.