Hydra Clarity Conditioning Treatment Softener

Generously combined phospholipids Ginger root extract, Prune extract, Reishi Mushroom extract, Pear Juice Ferment which are biosimilar ingredients and emollient ingredient Moringa oil, combined with Bihada-to [Isomerized sugar, clove extract, Mugwort extract] to blend smoothly with the skin helping to soften, gently and effectively polish the skin’s texture, and helping to create a firm, plump, supple silky smooth surface with less noticeable pores.

COSME DECORTÉ  Hydra Clarity

Hydra Clarity Conditioning Treatment Softener

200mL  $67

Hydra Clarity Conditioning Treatment Softener ER

200mL     $67

Product Features

• It contains Bihada-to, an original complex ingredient that Hydra Quality had carefully selected. It help create a skin that is filled with translucence and which continues to moisturize freshly.
• It generously combines phospholipids which are biosimilar ingredients, as well as emollient ingredients that blend smoothly with the skin. While softening the skin, it solidly polishes up each texture and helps create firm, fluffy skin whose pores are not too noticeable.
• Employing an original capsule containing no animal-derived raw materials, it delivers beauty help to throughout the stratum corneum. It has outstanding permeability and affinity and fills the skin with moisture down to deep inside the stratum corneum.
• While softly loosening up the skin, it provides a sense of suppleness and gives the skin a silky smooth texture and a bright-looking image.
• It envelops the skin with a dewy moisturizing veil, protects the skin from dryness and friction, and keeps it in a healthy state.
• A glamorous and refined Green Floral Powdery scent.


• Use it in the morning and night, before applying lotion.
• Take 2 pushes of the emulsion and soak the cotton, and then apply it to the skin.