The Rouge Velvet

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Lush, moist lips with a single application that results in a matte finish.
Rich pigmented lipstick with lightweight gives you a well-moisturized texture and descent matte finish gives lips a starring role.


The Rouge Velvet

10 Colors Each  ฿ 1,300

Product Features

Moisture and lasting hydration.
Contains beauty ingredients with high moisturizing effects for moist lips.
<Beauty Ingredients (Moisturizing)>
Lavender oil Organic shea butter Rosehip oil [rosa canina fruit oil]
Olive squalene [squalene]
A new soft and silky sensation. The pleasant sensation of silky softness the moment it is applied to the lips. A light, gentle, uniquely soft, and silky touch. Lasting, beautifully vibrant shades.
Contains Smooth Touch Oil that adheres closely to the lips while maintaining moisture. Just-applied color and finish last for hours.


Twist up to expose only 1/8-inch (3 mm).Close cap after each use.

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