A stick, for pin-point accuracy.
A new shape for kojic acid brightening,
especially for persistent dark spots.

Whitelogist Stick Serum

Active brightening ingredient kojic acid

*Inhibits melanin production to prevent dark spots and freckles.

A stick to target dark spots with pin-point accuracy

Concentrated kojic acid that works.
Prevent dark spots from ever appearing.

Concentrated, targeted treatment, to banish dark spots.
This is the first kojic acid brightening stick from DECORTÉ.
The twist-up stick shape delivers accurate care right where you want to prevent dark spots.
Just twist and apply—it seals to skin for many hours like a pack,
allowing active brightening ingredient kojic acid to saturate
the melanocyte cells that are the source of dark spots.

Rethink everything you know about brightening, and make brighter skin truly yours.


Active brightening ingredient kojic acid

It targets melanin production at an early stage
and effectively stops melanin production.

Kojic acid's brightening action works inside melanocytes to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase,
the enzyme that turns on melanin production.
It effectively inhibits melanin production by using a process called chilation
to steal the copper ions that are active inside tyrosinase, preventing it from functioning.
Kojic acid was discovered over 100 years ago.
It is produced naturally during fermentation by the koji bacteria
used in the production of Japanese sake, soy sauce, and miso.
Research began after it was observed that those who work brewing sake had beautiful, white hands.
In 1988 it was officially recognised as an active brightening ingredient (main brightening agent)
by the Ministry of Health and Welfare at the time.

The Shape

The stick shape allows for pin-point accuracy
when targeting problem areas,

and it seals to skin to deliver kojic acid right to the source of dark spots.