Intensive Revitalizing Emulsion

Glides onto the skin, awakening radiance and supple tone with every use.
An emulsion that leaves skin soft and infinitely refined.


Intensive Revitalizing Emulsion


  • night
  • day

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Step 2 & 3 Emulsion and Lotion

Product Features

Two kinds of Delivery Capsules deliver beauty ingredients to relax and soften the skin.
The product reaches to the deep areas of the stratum corneum where a high concentration *1 of oleic acid and beauty ingredients help create skin filled with both springiness and softness. The biosimilar beauty ingredients encased inside capsules penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, and deliver all the components that the skin intuitively seeks.
The mellow, full-bodied texture bonds with the skin, softening its texture with every use. It also gives skin *2 a suppleness, as if springing up from inside, changing the impression of the face to make it clean and sharp.
*1: Comparison with other DECORTÉ items.
*2: Stratum corneum


• Use every morning and night before applying lotion.
• Dispense 2 pumps onto a cotton pad and gently smoothen over face.