Intensive Regenerating Eye Cream

The essence of techno-innovation and absolute quality for the ultimate eye cream performance.
A fusion of over 22 carefully selected ingredients and double-peptides help to renew, transform and maintain skin's optimal state of appearance. Using a medical-grade ingredient, "Shape Memory" it memorizes a shape that is taut, supple and firm.


Intensive Regenerating Eye Cream


  • night

Product Features

A dense, full-bodied texture, made possible by the luxurious blend of 22 kinds of rigorously-selected beauty ingredients which spread smoothly and adhere comfortably to the skin.
Using a medical-grade ingredient, "Shape Memory", the base solidifies with the wearer’s body temperature, creating an “invisible mask” that smooths, lifts and reduces the appearance of puffiness.
Three different kinds of Delivery Capsules blend into the skin and deliver richly-blended beauty components to the skin.


Use as the final step in your night skincare routine after cream.

Using part A, take a pearl-sized amount and spread from inner to outer corner of the eye. When applying on the lower eyelid, gently stretch upwards. For the lower lid, blend as if gently pulling it towards the outer corner of the eyes.

Use part B, lightly tap below the lower eyelid from the inner to the outer corner. Then, gently push around the eye sockets using the same part of the spatula.

Finally, gently press eyelids with part C for a calming effect.