Brightening Rejuvenating Cream

A brightening cream to fill the skin with bouncy suppleness and vibrant shine from within.

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Brightening Rejuvenating Cream


  • night

Product Features

• Surrounds skin with its wrap effect to prevent ingredients from escaping and to deliver them to the deep areas of the stratum corneum. Skin has an amazing glow the next morning.
• Prevents spots and sensitivity, making skin bright and supple.
• A rich texture that spreads over skin as if stretched tightly.
• Active brightening ingredient Vitamin C derivative suppresses the formation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles while glycyrrhizic acid derivative suppresses rough skin and helps create glowing skin.
• Firming-up components creates skin with elasticity that instantly bounces back.
• Uses a high-penetration delivery capsule to enhance the penetration of ingredients into skin.
• A powdery scent of green floral consisting of rose and neroli.


-Use at the end of your nighttime routine.
-Take the amount of a pearl on your fingertips and dot on chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. Blend well.