Powder Blush

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Give cheeks a silky lustre that glows. Soft powder blush that melts onto skin, imparting true colour.


Powder Blush


Product Features

A rich yet light texture
It glides easily on to cheeks, melting pleasantly like the sensation of snowflakes dissolving on skin.

Gives cheeks with a rosy glow
It blends in naturally no matter what your skin tone, giving cheeks a rosy hue that seems to glow from inside. It blurs away uneven skin texture and pores, making skin itself look more beautiful.

Achieves silky-soft lustre
Made using a powder that has been richly formulated with an oil-based agent that has high skin affinity, for a lustrous translucence. It gives skin a semi-matte finish with a silky-soft glow.

A beautiful finish that lasts, with no dullness
Contains silicone gel* to repel sebum and sweat. It doesn't dull even after hours of wear, as the powder is formulated with an oil-based agent to provide excellent longevity.
* PEG-15/Lauryl dimethicone crosspolymer


Add a suitable amount onto the brush and test the colour on the back of your hand before applying.

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