DECORTÉ Lasting Gel Eyeliner

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Gel liner that creates alluring and lustrous eye looks. Slim pencil type provides great control for curves and lash lines.


DECORTÉ Lasting Gel Eyeliner

2 Colors Each  $48

Product Features

Creamy texture
Soft pencil type allows for great control along lash lines and in smaller areas. Lustrous and rich coloring It has a lustrous texture and lays down deep color. It draws defined lines that are easy to blur, to create alluring eyes. Long-lasting Lasting waterproof type doesn't smudge and keeps color looking beautiful even over time. Includes a sponge tip applicator for easy blending, so you can create your ideal look.


For first use, twist the container until about 2mm of product extends from the holder. Use the sponge tip on the back of the holder to create a more natural finish.

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