Rouge Decorte Tinted Plumper

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A lip balm that moisturizes with a refreshing and comfortable touch, leading to plump and firm lips.


Rouge Decorte Tinted Plumper

3.2g  $46

Product Features

• A tint lip balm with a high treatment effect that gives moisture that just overflows, protects from dryness and finishes lips with plumpness and firmness.
• Adopts a prescription "Plumping Moisture Treatment" that gives a refreshing and comfortable touch, including APOM, a unique ingredient that has a high effect of trapping the moisture of the lips, and vanillyl butyl that makes you feel warm and comfortable. Produces glossy, plump and firm lips with a freshness and a slight complexion while protecting from that and dryness.
• Contains hydrostay capsules. A fresh and high-quality finish that looks like careful skin care is maintained.
• APOM [Polypropylene]
• Hydrostay capsule [Mineral oil, Methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, Phospholipid (lecithin), Squalene]


• Please use it by pulling it out about 3 mm.

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