AQ Eau De Parfum

Launching 1 November 2023.
Pre-order now available.

An Eau de Parfum that contains the same natural aromatic ingredients as AQ Skincare. A fresh floral musky scent that lives eternally in someone’s memory.


AQ Eau De Parfum

100ml  $256

Product Features

Inspired by the lush scent of blossoming flowers

● The rich, elegant scents of Queen of the Night, magnolia champaca, and magnolia blended with rose for a hint of glamor. Layered onto this is the soft, pillowy warmth of sandalwood and musk for a gently enveloping scent.

Fragrance Notes:

● Top notes: Citrus (bergamot, lemon)
● Middle notes: Floral (Queen of the Night, magnolia champaca, sandalwood flower, rose, magnolia)
● Base Notes: Woody (sandalwood, patchouli) Musky Sweet (cream)

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