Moisture Lift Mask

With a base that changes color to signal that beauty ingredients have permeated. A peel-off mask with a pleasantly tight tension that imparts firmness and luster.


Moisture Lift Mask

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  • night

Product Features

This peel-off mask wraps skin in a pleasant feeling of tightening tension, and instantly imparts it with firmness and luster. It removes old keratin and impurities in pores, giving skin a bright impression.


Use once or twice per week at night after preparing skin with emollient.
Apply about 2cm of product at a time with your fingertips, starting from cooler areas of skin that will dry slowly, such as the cheeks. Apply thoroughly in an even layer thick enough to cover skin completely.
Avoid the eye and brow area, hairline, and lips.
After about 15-20 minutes the mask will turn clear. When it is completely dry, peel it away starting from the outside and working inwards. * Drying time may be different depending upon temperature and humidity.
After the mask, apply lotion to skin.

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